Cisco 7206 to Linksys RV016 - VPN

Has anyone had any experience establishing a VPN between the Cisco 7206 (or like model, anything with the IPsec IOS) and a Linksys RV016?  Our office is looking into purchasing an RV016 for a remote warehouse and we'd like to establish a VPN from that RV016 to the HQ Cisco 7206 so that the warehouse folks can login to the domain controller at HQ and use the network there.  I wanted to make sure there weren't any known issues out there before proceeding.


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Theoretically the both speak IPSEC so it should work, however, why not buy a comprable Cisco product (I know linksys is part od Cisco now, but that was a recent development ) to elimate any potential problems. There may be problems, you are talking about a carrier class cisco router connectiong to a small office home office (SOHO) device.  

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