3 quick basic solaris adin quewstions i'm having difficulty answering........

1. what is the full path to the file used to modify the configuration of the kernel?

2.What is the command usedc that provides the ability to issue a warning message before the system run level is changed?

3when is the system profile executed?

if anyone could help me answer thease that be grweat man pages are not helping.........
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pshattuckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) /etc/system

2) the rc? commands in the /sbin directory do that

3) It is executed when the system shell is started
TintinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1.  There's a few ways of doing this.  Generally, you can change most kernel settings in /etc/system

2.  Not aware of one, but the shutdown command uses the 'wall' command to broadcast a shutdown message

3.  By system profile, do you mean /etc/profile?  If you have a non csh shell, then it is run when you login.
For Q2, you can modify the /etc/inittab to achieve your goal.

Alternatively, if you are changing run level using the 'shutdown' command you can give a period of grace before the run level is changed.  This will alert users logged in with terminals.

Regards, Nisus
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The question #2 was what command was used not how to get around it though
in which case the command would be init ;-)
Actually no ... the echo statements are in the rc? commands in the /sbin directory. if you cat them .. you will see them making echo statements telling the person on the console what is going on with the system



write a simple script which will echo that there is  a run level change and add this in to a rc# with a
higest priory to be executes (which is  decided by the K and S script in rc directory).


when any user logs in the /etc/profile is executed before the .profile is executed .

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