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Updating Nforce 2 drivers?

I just installed new NForce drivers for my motherboard. When I installed them I was given an option what I wanted to install, so I unchecked the boxes beside ethernet and audio as I need neither driver installed. Now, however, when I boot up I get a "found new hardware" wizard popping up asking me to install both the ethernet drivers and the audio drivers (which I unclecked too as I dont need them). Why have these devices even been found in teh first place and why am I being forced to install two drivers that I dont want/need?
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The make and model, of the mainboard would help. Does the mainboard have onboard ethernet and audio? Have you added an ethernet card and audio card?
Did you download the drivers from NVidia or the mainboard mfg?
You should go right click on "my computer" properties hardware-device manager
check to see if there are any faulty drives (the ones with the yellow dot) right click on them and click reinstall the the wizard of installation will popup and insert the original or the downloaded drivers for those devices-
the installation wizard will keep popping up till you tell it either to disable or to install the device (untill you finish the wizard the wizard will keep popping up) try not just cancelling it and to continue with the installation.
the reason why when you installed the Nforce drivers it also asked for the others is probably because you are installing a builtin motherboard graphics driver where the producer of the lan and audio are the same as the graphics and you should install all of them with the same driver because they probably use the same .dll which might go in conflict with other non updated .dll and drivers.
Hope it helps
me1191Author Commented:
easymage thats what i was thinking about doing, going to device manager and stuff. Im sorry but I dont understand what your saying: "the reason why when you installed the Nforce drivers it also asked for the others is probably because you are installing a builtin motherboard graphics driver where the producer of the lan and audio are the same as the graphics and you should install all of them with the same driver because they probably use the same .dll which might go in conflict with other non updated .dll and drivers."

Do you mean that the drivers I downloaded have a driver for a built in graphics chip? My motherboard hasnt got a built in chip (NF7) anyway im just not sure what your mena, could you please rephrase it?
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The most important thing is to check the device manager and also try to finish all the wizards that ask you for drivers otherwise they keep popping up.
About the graphics card,I thought that it was a built in graphics card(means that I thought you had a graphics card that came inside your motherboard and usually their drivers are found among the drivers of other onboard devices such as lan etc..) but now you tell me that you have a separate card (means that you can unplug your graphics card right? because it is either on a PCI slot or an AGP slot,it would help me a great deal to understnd the model of your graphics card).
So lets asume your card is not built in. I would say then that you probably downloaded the incorrect drivers and installed the incorrect software for it.You probably downloaded a version of the drivers for builtin chipset cards that is why it asks you to install also your network card and audio device.
-if you can try to specify your graphic card specifics so that I can go more in detail and not have to guess weather it is an onboard or seperate card.
I hope it helped - summary
check if you have an onboard graphics card(bult into your motherboard graphics card) or weather you have an actual seperate card which you plug onto PCI or AGP (the slots on your motherboard where the graphics cards are usualy settled)
because the symptoms you mentioned above seemed alot like you downloaded a Builtin graphics card where usually along that on the mother board they put also onborad audio and onboard network adapter that is the only reason why it would ask you to install the other two aswell.
if you have a separate graphcs card(not an onboard) means that you probably just downloaded the incorrect driver for it.
if you want to know more about the specs on your computer go to START- run - and type : DXDIAG
it will give a bit more detail on all you have.
Hope it helps;)

OH SORRY---- for the posts above I missed read and thought you where tryng to install a graphics card.
you updated the drivers for a motherboard now you probably have builtin network and audio on your mother board which automaticly when you update the motherboard I suggest you to since updating the motherboard to update those drivers aswell because if they are builtin they might use the same files (.dll) which is best for them to try to access the same versions of it since you said it the wizard came up also for LAN and AUDIO it is probably because installing the Motherboard drivers went automaticly updated some files that te lan and audio drivers where using and now dont recognise anymore so My best suggestion to you is to launch the driver installation again and this time check also the LAN and AUDIO drivers...
Sorry I didnt read the post well above I though you where talking about graphics card LOL..
Hope it helped:)
me1191Author Commented:
Hmm you still dont understand what my post says:( I dont want the drivers installed which is why I unchecked the boxes in the first place. No offence but if you can't read my 3 short lines of text and understand them TWICE then I doubt your in any posistion to help me at all. Thanks for trying though.

I'll just try disabling them in device manager.
no offence taken:) (english is not my native language but I try:)
sorry couldnt help ya...One last tip now that I seem to have understanded the problem(I think) lol :)
I think the driver you installed there goes any way and interact with files needed for the correct function of the lan and audio because it is probably onboard devices.
I cant understand why you wouldnt want to update them with newer drivers.
remember that disabling it in the device manager those devices wont work.
Little tip: if you installed the driver from a cd then try not to run the wizard but to install the motherboard components directly from the device manager in,and reinstalling the old drivers for the lan and audio from there. in this way we are sure that no funny components gets installed by the wizard and it shouldnt give you the problems you are having now..
Sorry bout the mess I made before....this is my last advice.

Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
You can use Control Panel or Group Policy to prevent hardware wizards from searching for drivers.

Otherwise, You have to check the bios setup and see if the Audio and lan Is disabled there, if there built in. if not then you have to take em out so they won't bother you.
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