Domain suddenly resolving to the wrong IP? Using BIND

Last night I was trying to read my email and I couldn't connect to my server, I tried to ping my server and I noticed it was the wrong IP.  I checked the WHOIS and and my nameservers will still the authoritive listed for the domain.  I checked and it was saying that my nameservers were giving this different IP.  I checked out the zone file and it was set up correctly, bind doesn't look like it had been reloading any time recently and nobody but me had logged into the account for that domain or the root account ( I use CPanel).  So I restarted bind and it was resolving to the proper IP again.  Any idea how this might have happened?  Any specific messages I can look for in log files?
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imslushieConnect With a Mentor Commented:

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no maybe the Journaling named give the error.

check if you have a .jnl file in /var/named

maybe a jnl.lock make de disaster
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