We have a sql server 2000 machine.
we can connect to it using termila services or locally, but unable to connect to it from any other machine on the network .

The only change we made is , adding a 1 Gig NIC card to it.

Please advice!

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Did it work before adding the card? If you have 2 cards you actually may not be able to see the SQL server, because it is configured to work with one network. Check the SQL server network utility to make sure it configured correctly (tcp/ip, named pipes or whatever) and that it is configured with the correct card.
crishna1Author Commented:
Thanks for the quick responce!

everything was working fine, even after adding the nic card. It was just rebooted this morning.
we are able to work on that machine , but not able to connect to it from anyother machine on the network..:-(
Post your SQL Log.  Do you actually see the "Listening On....." at the top of your SQL log?
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