Slow transfer rate over network with ghost

Hi all.  I’m running a ghost image on a HDD that is in a Dell Latitude C600.  This is the third one I have done.  The other two, no problem.  Took around 30 mins.  This one, however, has been running for 1 ½ hours with still over 2 hours to go.  The size of the images are all roughly the same.  Not enough difference to take an additional 3 hours.  I have stopped and restarted the job several times with no luck.  The transfer rate is 15 MB/min.

The process that I ghost is this:

Boot with universal boot disk
Map to server that contains ghost.exe and ghost images
Run ghost.exe
Local-disk-to image
Save on mapped drive

I don’t have the ghost console installed on a machine, so ghostcast is not an option.



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What do you THINK the the network connection is, 100 MB Full Duplex Switched?

You need to make sure that you have the most recent drivers for both PCs.  It will be safer if you can to configure the switch for 100 MB Full duplex and configure both PC's for the same.  Auto does not always work with every switch with every NIC drivers.  In fact hard coding does not always work.

I have recently spent a couple of days working the same problem using Dell Desktops with Cisco 2900 switches.  Problem turned out to be bad driver for the onboard 1000 Mbps Intel NIC on the Dell box.  It stated it was connected at 100 Mbps Full Duplex and the swtich showed 100 Mbps Full Duplex, but the NIC was really was only connected Half Duplex.  This cause major collisions.  In fact we were only getting about 6MB per minute.  After we got the most recent driver we were getting 10 MB per second.
JasonMcBeeAuthor Commented:
i will take a look at that.


JasonMcBeeAuthor Commented:
Not sure what the problem was.  I installed Ghost console on my pc and ran ghost cast server and pulled the image that way and it took 20 mins.


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