ADmodify to change a Contact domain. Need variable

Calling gurus...

We have 100 contacts that are used for text messaging.  The contacts use the General tab's "email" area for the defined address.  We then shoot an email off to the person and their pager recieves the text message.

We are changing providers and now need to update them.

When I go into ADmodify, I am able to change the SMTP address but with the defaul variables, it wants to insert the person's alias.  I need to tell it to keep the phone numbers from the email as the variable in front of the domain.

make sense?
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the variable for the telephone number field is    telephoneNumber
the variable for the exchange alias is mailNickname

i am trying to understand what you are trying to accomplish here, because it is a little fuzzy. you want the email address to end up like

so if you had the telephone number correct on the general tabe and wanted to do a mass update it would be:


if you are saying that you dont have the telephone number on the general tab, but it is instead the alias of the user, then:


this example would take the first 10 characters of the mailnickname (should be the phone number)

hope this makes sense and helps.

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