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how to speak in Hindi or BEngali Language In using text to speech control in vb6

hi expart i have a speking program using text to speech control in vb6
it speak in English Lnaguage
i want to spoke it in Hindi or English language   and other languages can u send me the code to do it ?
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well.. can anyone englighten me how text and speech works . from a programming perspective, how one code a audio speech. ?
Need to know .. can anyone guide me to any tutorials or open sourcve application to learn about. it.
for now, i only know thta need some dsp programming t o do some audio speech. ? is this correct. But exactly how . i not sure.

thank you for your guidances.


The text to speech control works on the MS Speech API. The API most probably comes prebundled with recent versions of Windows OSes.

The speech API works on a voice synthesis mechanism which is not easy to program. It will take years of research for a normal developers to develop such a program from scratch. The words are synthesized dynamically based on basic phonetics of a specified language and other specified criteria.


You shoudl open a question of your own. This site is based on a one question per thread model.

I will recommend you to grab a book on MS Speech API and you can get started. IBM has a speech API of its own to, in case you are interested.
You guys may check out this thread which is informative for your purpose:

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computer2007Author Commented:
text to speech means when u write something in a text box it will be readed by computer voice

this is most easy progamming in the first part
 first download Microsoft Speech SDK 4.1 or 5.1
after install it  open a vb application  and add microsoft direct text to speech from componant
 now add the control in the form and a text box and command button

        Private Sub Command1_Click()

        DirectSS1.Speak Text1.Text
         End Sub

        Private Sub Form_Load()
          Text1.Text = 0
        DirectSS1.CurrentMode = 21
       End Sub
after running the program the  what i written the text box is spoked by computer and by changing the value of current mode the voice can be changed
 Now waht i tri to do is to speak in another  Language Like Hindi and Bengali the computer is speaking only in English now any one can help me with that code please

computer2007, tThere is NO CODE to do so. It is not even POSSIBLE untill you develop your own Text-To-Speech engine on your own that implements the Hindi/Bangla laguage speech. From best what I know these engines are available only in 3-4 languages and none of them is Hindi/Bangla.

What you are asking for is not possible untill you develop your own engine. You may read these articles for your further knowledge and reference:

computer2007Author Commented:
Thanks Ranjit Very much For help can u tell me your chat ID Please
My chat ID is on my profile, but these days generally I am not on IM. Read the above linked pages carefully, till you fully understand them. Thats a good start point.

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