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I have one simple question to ask.

Other than Antivirus, Firewall & Spyware Scanner, what else i need to know to protect my Xp Pro from any intrusion? Thank you.
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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What is important apart from having all these preventive softwares is to know how to make use of them.
If you donot know how to use your firewall , you are going to let bad programs and processes run or contact the internet.

First and foremost, make sure all these softwares are compatible and fully updated..
Antivirus should have all the latest virus definitions , make it run in real-time giving real time protection.  

Spyware should have all latest spyware updates .. Make it run as real-time like Microsoft Anti-spyware or run weekly once.

When it comes to firewall , you got to be still be careful. Check what are the ports that are open , what programs contact and which IP they point to when they connect to internet. Make use of the logs in the firewall to see if something is contacting/attacking your system.. Get the manual of the firewall you are using and study it.

Also make sure to update your windows with the latest OS updates.. Make sure to turn off all unnecessary services.

Download a good Intrusion detection system like Blackice and configure it correctly..

Yes, I agree with SR, being aware of what you and your system are doing is the only way to be sure (OK, 99% sure) that you will stay safe. In addition to advice already give, I would add the first and last rule of safe computing: Backup your important files on a regular basis!!!
btmksmAuthor Commented:
Ok. Thank you. I will study your comments.
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