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Scan IP within LAN & Scan Open Port for my XP Pro

Dear Expert

I would like to know if there any software that i can use to scan all IP within the LAN. Example, let say there is 30 workstation connected to my local LAN. And i want to know ip address of each of them, does it possible? And does it possible to know the ip if the LAN is base on LAN Wireless Topology?

And Second Question is how to scan OPEN PORT for my XP Pro? I have read few similar question regarding this matter from EE but still not clear. If possible, could u suggest me any user-friendly software that can be use to perform this task.

Link after explanation is much appreciated.

Thank you.
1 Solution
ip scanner: angry ip scanner --> scans a whole range of ip and tells you which one is alive or not
X-scan: much more like the same as above, and this one scan for open port as well, --> much more for hacking script kidde
btmksmAuthor Commented:
Well.. thank you very much for your feedback. I am going to wait for few more feedback before deciding which answer to choose. Thank you.
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btmksmAuthor Commented:
Ok... few more added question..

Let say now i am running a small network (wireless) with 4 laptop connected (in an open area).

And after few hours, i run the Scan Ip and found out that there is a fifth laptop/pc connected to my pc without my permission. Since i set my wireless Unsecure connection (without any password) , any laptop can connected to my network.

My question is, how can i kill the fifth laptop connection without having to disable my network? Any software or command for this?

Thank you in advance.

Your wireless router should be able to display the hostnames of the PCs that have an address through its DHCP server. Most also allow you to disconnect the offending PC.

As an additional suggestion, enable MAC address filtering so only your PCs connect. And reduce the scope of the DHCP server enabled on your wireless to 4 addresses. That way, you also reduce the chances of someone unauthorized connecting to your network.

Good luck...
Make some sort of authentication for wireless like WPE, VPN or 802.11x

Try the following software it very easy to run and give you what ever you want with complete details of your network.

Software name IPScanner


click on link to download the software.


if you want, set the subnet mask of your network to accomodate certain ip address only, then by doing that no one will be able to use that particular ip address anymore if it is all taken by those 5 pc.

what is the point of killing that unauthorised PC ? if you set it secure, no one cannot get it. .that is the point

if someone get it already, it is too late, virus could spread around already.

Just took a look at this - it's freeware, and very cool for looking at TCP connections to and from your machine and allowing you to kill the connection, the process, or both.  Good for troubleshooting.

TCPView will show you a detailed listings of all TCP and UDP endpoints on your system, including the remote address and state of TCP connections as well as the application or process that is using the connection. In addition, you can end selected processes and close selected connections. Much improved over previous versions.


Also, if you really want to get  into some COOL network tools, these are among the best - Solar Winds Engineers Edition.  You can get a free trial download at:http://www.solarwinds.net/Tools/Engineer/      .  If you work for someone, try to get them to buy them for you - they're about $1000.00 US.
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