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This is a tough question , concerning compatablity

Hi all .. I have a compatablity delema and its keeping me from backing up my hardrive ....
Does anyone out there know for sure If I can use either a Seagate or Western Digital external usb 2.0 hardrive with my full backups using norton ghost 9.0 for my backing up software  ( its pretty much identical to powerquest drive image 7.0 I think which I think came out in 2002 ?? ) and now its called norton ghost 9.0  but nevertheless
I know I have other options ..like for example  I could get an iomega hdd usb 2.0.. but I don't want that hdd
And I rather have ghost 9.0 then acronis true image which is the other good backup program like ghost
And I know if I got Seagate "bounce back" software comes bundled with it and if I got maxtor or western digital "Dantz retrospect" comes bundled in those , and thats nice but I don't want a data backup utility even if they say its a full backup , I want the ghost 9.0 which makes an image of my c drive , I think thats better for disaster recovery in a backing up software program
Help Please  !!
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2 Solutions

Ghost 9 is supposed to support external USB drives, but the only way you are going to know with absoulute certainty is either to try it or to talk to someone else who has the exact same hardware and software.  There is just enough variation in different external USB to IDE controller chips to make me, at least, say "it WILL work" (which is different from "it should work").  Actually, Ghost 9 picked up code from Drive Image 7, not Drive Image 2002 (which was version 6).  Drive Image is still being actively marketed separately, and I prefer it, I find it less "invasive", it doesn't run as many processes or tasks "all the time" in the background.  I use it, but I write the backup files to a different partition of my hard drive, and then later copy them to DVD, so I have not used it to write the image to my USB external hard drive.  But I'm sure it would work, because Drive Image 7 does not shut down windows, not even when backing up the Windows drive, and Windows most definitely can write to my USB external hard drive.
well, i tested that, and ghost can do it, but you must point it to use the usb drivers. This is explained in it's tutorial.
But since this is only with 1 hardware tested, i support what Watzman said fully.
My post should have read "There is just enough variation in different external USB to IDE controller chips to make me, at least, HESITANT TO say "it WILL work" (which is different from "it should work")."
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zalman00Author Commented:

1-Sorry If I am being dense but I can not make sense of that part of the post

But I'm sure it would work, because Drive Image 7 does not shut down windows, not even when backing up the Windows drive, and Windows most definitely can write to my USB external hard drive.
So if  drive image  does not shut down windows does that mean it works underneath window strickly within dos ??
Not even when backing up the windows drive , those are the windows system files in use in order to run window so I can use the backup software in the first place ( have I got that right ??)
But when you say I'm sure it would work , what do you mean but that ?? work in a usb ext. hdd ?? and so then your saying drive image 7 ( ghost 9.0) only works if you place image on a partition and then burn it to dvd's but not directly to a usb ext. hdd ??
Can you explain to me  this paragraph please ..

2- And also Watzman I am intrested in Drive Image 7 after what you have told me about it and I would rather get it then ghost 9.0 , I thought powerquest was not selling it anymore , Please tell me where I can get it

3-nobus could you please tell me the brand and maybe model  of your external hardrive and how old is it , this would be a big help to me ....

Thanks Much all !!
Drive Image and Partition Magic are still being Marketed.  At retail, you can still sometimes find the old PowerQuest boxes, but the products are also now offered in the yellow Symantec boxes.  Just within the past 2 weeks, one of the major retailers (I think it was CompUSA) had the Drive Image/Partition Magic "bundle" for, I think, $29.

Preivously, to backup (Image) the partition containing the running copy of Windows itself, both Ghost and Drive Image had to reboot into a non-Windows command-line environment (I think it was actually DR-DOS) from which the backup image itself was created.  Beginning with Drive Image 7, PowerQuest had figured out a way to do this from Windows while Windows was still running.  I believe that this was a big part of why Symantec bought PowerQuest, and that technology is now incorporated into the latest versions of Ghost as well.  It's not clear what Symantec's plans for Drive Image are, they may discontinue it.  But I'm glad that I have the last PowerQuest version of Drive Image, if for no other reason than that it does not do product activation.

[I have no idea how they backup a running Windows partition whose system files (registry) could be changing as the backup itself is running, but they do it, somehow.]

Both Drive Image and Ghost are supposed to support most external USB hard drives, but I have seen enough problems with these (even from just normal Windows much less either of these programs) to know that the support won't be absolutely universal.  That said, however, it's generally good and only a minority of products (or combinations of products) have any problems.
i ran it as a test on ausb enclosure  FWIDE model U2FWIDE525 with a maxtor 120 Gb IDE drive in it

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