Need CMS suggestions for speficic project

I'm starting a website that let's people upload and download free software. I need some suggestions as to what type of CMS system would work best for this. Right now I'm looking at PHP Nuke and LinksSQL.

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It would be good to try Mambo. Available at Good addons available

You will find Templates, Addons, etc on these sites.

It is Open Source and available as free download.


> .. what type of CMS system would work
dooh, that's a question which only can be answered by yourself
Even I don't know exactly but guess that there're more than 500 CMS out in the wild, starting at 0 cents up to a few 100.000 $ and more. It will be hard to point you in the proper direction which such spare information.

I'd say to just upload file, forget about a CMS and simply write a small CGI (probably 50 lines in perl for example) which then it does exactly what you want.

Just to get you a small idea what you want to know:
and believe me this list is horrible incomplete.
zumpoofAuthor Commented:
I should probably be more specific. Aside from just uploading data to a server I need the features common is software download sites such as:

- User managment
- Upload review system
- Rating system
- Upload info (Title, developer site, dependencies, etc)

mambo is just one out of 500 more ...
if just links to CMS is the goal here, I can post dozents
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