An unexpected error occured. Error: 80040a01 Microsoft Exchange System Attendant with event id 1005

Because of this error System Attendant Service is not starting and in result of that Information Store and MTA are not starting. I rename exchange machine join to workgroup and shut down exchange,deleted the Exchange Server name from AD for waited for it to replicate to all DCs. Turn Exchange back on and join it to domain giving same name again it had. This whole process worked for me 2 weeks ago, but it is not working now. A file SECKM.DLL was not in BIN of EXCHNGE folder I copied it from 5.5 cd because I did not have Exchange 2000 CD. But System Attendant is still notstarting. Please help email is down for last 23 hours. Thanks.  
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redseatechnologiesConnect With a Mentor Commented:

"When I see this error it usually indicates that an Exchange server is having problems creating a secure channel to the DC. This may be indicated by mail sticking in the Directory Lookups queue.
To solve the problem, from a command prompt on the Exchange server use:


E.g. If you were in the Microsoft domain you would type:
NLTEST /SC_RESET:MICROSOFT (This will reset to another DC if there are problems)
NLTEST /SC_QUERY:MICROSOFT (This will display the current DC secure channel)"

while exchange might work like that, i would expect it to be very unstable - you are best of fixing your AD issues

is the server that does not have the exchange server showing in AD the global catalog server?

does the server that does not have the exchange server showing in AD have exchange services installed?

when you set this up, you did configure your domain properly right?

ie., domain prep, forest prep - something is not happy in there

can you turn up diagnostics logging on the exchange server so that we can get more infor as to what is going wrong?

are the dc's showing any errors in the event log?

I had a similar thing happen to me a while back - same errors

At the time I believe it was to do with the Anti-virus on the server - which is confirmed by what i found after a quick search.

"- Error: 80040a01 Microsoft Exchange System Attendant
From a newsgroup post: "I recently had occasion to talk at length with an SBS support rep from MS PSS. He told me that he completely uninstalls his anti-virus program before installing service packs, hotfixes, etc. This seems a little extreme to me, but they apparently have a huge database of problems that are caused by anti-virus programs interfering with other processes."
Several other posts suggested that the problem was fixed bu uninstalling the antivirus program before any Exchange service packs."

You can also have a look at

"- Error: Unexpected error An unknown error has occurred. ID no: 80040a01 Microsoft Exchange System Attendant occurred. See Q318431, Q327844, and Q328646."

Can you give us some more information

what version of exchange are you running - what service pack

From reading all of the above i would be inclined to uninstall the anti-virus completely from the server, and then reinstalling the latest service pack


rahat7860Author Commented:
I uninstall av and tried that I have 2 DCs one DC is not showing my exchange machine name there is problem with replication, but one of my friends said that even one dc has exchange machine name at least exchange should work. Another thing is my 2 dcs talk to each other over site to site vpn tunnel. But all ports on the firewall are open may be you firewall is stopping them to replicate. But this only starts happening recently. we had these firewall in our environment all the time.   Thanks.
so you have uninstalled antivirus and re-installed the latest service pack for windows and exchange?

do you get the same error when trying to start the information store?
rahat7860Author Commented:
Yes I did and the system attendant service is not starting. I get ssl event id 36871 error. One of my DC does not have Exchange machine name in AD and neither in Exchange Domain Server group. There is some replication problem, but one DC has all the info can Exchange work like that?  Thanks
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