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Im currently working on someones computer, The operating system seems to detect an extra DVD rom drive. I have removed all DVD Rom and CD Rom drives and it still detects an AXV CD/DVD Rom SCSI CD Rom Device.

I dont remember having anything to do with scsi when setting this computer up origionally. And now when ever i try to uninstall this drive and restart the computer it is detected and re-installs iteslf.

Whats even more confusing is the DVD Drive when connected to the computer doesnt seem to work, but it is detected properly.

Any ideas???
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cyberdevil67Connect With a Mentor Commented:
yeah I would say so, they have the ability to create Virtual Drives and that is what it sounds like to me. There is an option to remove the virtual drive through the settings/options.
Hi gavinandrewmcmillan,

 Sounds like there is a CD Emulation software installed, something like Alchol 120% or Nero Image Drive. Might not be these ones but it does sounds like some sort of cd emulation software.

gavinandrewmcmillanAuthor Commented:
Alchol 120% is installed. Is this what is making the other drive appear?

If so why doe it appear (i havent heard of alchol 120% before this) and what is the program used for? is it used for reading disk images that have been downloaded or taken off a cd?
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Right.  It creates a virtual CD drive which reads images made from CDs that you can "load" from disk files saved on the hard drive.  That's exactly what's going on, and the drive that you are seeing is almost certainly a "virtual" drive.

It's not his computer, it's someone else's computer that he's working on.  The owner may be pissed if the virtual CD drive OR the "image library" is removed.  He needs to work around it without disturbing it.
gavinandrewmcmillanAuthor Commented:
I checked with the person who the computer belongs to and have decided to ignore it and keep working. The DVD drive was shot, it couldnt read any DVD's no matter what i tried, it was making strange scraping sounds when i put the DVD into it, as if the DVD wasnt being spun straight. Thanks for your help guys.

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