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Dear All,  

I am having problems conecting to my machine at work form home.

I am using VNC along with DNS2go.com for accsess. My main machine is with port 5900 My router is Dlink DSL-500T.

I have connfigured windows firwall, I can see internaly but not external.

Can anyone help?
5 Solutions
You have to connect to your PC via the external IP (as in one that does not start with 192.168.x.x). Also make sure that the Linksys knows to route port 5900 to (sometimes this is called 1 to 1 NAT).

The easiest way to figure out what your PC's IP address is (externally) is to go to whatismyip.com and take note of the address you get at that site. Then try to connect from home to the IP via the VNC viewer app.

Good luck...
Log in to router and open port 5900 to, I think this is done under Router feature (NAT)

Since 5900 port is default, you just use ip given by dns2go.com to access work computer using vnc viewer.
On Work Computer you must have vnc server is running
aijmexicoAuthor Commented:
I have done all the of the above.

If I was using the viewer at home I would put www.domain@dns2go.com:5900 the dns2go would let the sytem now the IP.

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You don't need add :5900
if you can ping the www.domain@dns2go.com and get the ip address and use ip address only on your viewer
aijmexicoAuthor Commented:
Okay but this dose not work!!!!
I believe VNC requires you to use an IP address in order to connect. With my current setup I am using a program called IP Mailer http://ipmailer.wappu.tv/

To e-mail me the current external IP address of the home PC, then I connect to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX::5900 (make sure the two colons are there)

This should get you around using the dns2go, and give you an IP that you can target.
1.VNC Server is running on Work PC w/Passwords
2.Work Router port(5900) is open to (Work PC you are trying to access).
3.Get Ip address from dns2go.com to youe work place.
4.VNC Viewer(Home PC) is using dns2go.com Ip address to connect to work PC.

Thats all there is to it.
aijmexicoAuthor Commented:
It is still not working!!! I hate computers sometimes.

I have ne question hat I dont undrstand, when I goto www.whatismyip.com it says the ip and also a proxy. I dont understand why i get both?

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