Rules for subject without wildcard in Outlook 2003

How do you create rule(s) in Outlook 2003 like discribed below:

     - the rule will move an email to a specific folder with a specific word(s) in the subject
     - the rule should ignoring the word(s) on the left side of the specific word(s) being searched
     - if there are words on the right side of the specific word(s) being searched then it shouldn't be moved to the specified folder

for example:

     Apr 30 2005 - Something

--> email with the subject "Something" will be moved to folder XYZ

     Apr 30 2005 - Something else
     Apr 30 2005 - Something more
     Apr 30 2005 - Something could be anything after this 'something' word

--> email with the subjects above will not be moved to folder XYZ

Thanks for the help.
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if you can use wild card in the Outlook 2003 rule wizard, why don't you use it?
0ffaAuthor Commented:

Because sometimes people replying the email by adding some other words after the subject, such as:

     Apr 30 2005 - Something


     Apr 30 2005 - Something // (I put comment into this meeting minutae)

which in this case I don't want the commented email to be moved to assigned folder.
0ffaAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot usankar, I've been doing some tweaking to my Outlook and haven't got enough time to test it. But in my preliminary trial I've found some problems with my program. I'll post again regarding this later on with serial subject.
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