2000 to 2003 upgrade

I have the following 2000 ad environment

2 AD DC both with DNS in mixed mode
1 NT 4.0 BC File server.

Can I bring in a new 2003 machine and DCpromo that box into into the domain in a mixed mode environment?
Then dcpromo each of the 2000 servers and upgrade them to 2003 ? Then bring them back as dcs with dcpromo?
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You can certainly add a W2k3 DC to a W2k AD, but this needs some preparation especially if there should be an Exchange server involved.
You don't need to dcpromo down the W2k DCs, you can just upgrade them in place (after the usual precautions).
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>Can I bring in a new 2003 machine and DCpromo that box into into the domain in a mixed mode environment?
>Then dcpromo each of the 2000 servers and upgrade them to 2003 ? Then bring them back as dcs with dcpromo?
YES, Make sure all is running properley before you DCROMPO them out though,  but I wouldn't bother to upgrade from a standalone servers. I would just FORMAT and FRESH install the them. Then DCPROMO them back into the domain.
UPGRADES are never a good choice unless you have alot of setup that is either not replaceable or takes to much time. Upgrades bring what ever was bad in the system right back into the updated system. Clog Registries. Etc... My opiion but one that an awful lot of people seem to share.
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It's one thing if you have some workstation OS on which you installed, uninstalled and reinstalled dozens of games and file sharing software, replaced hardware, added the latest graphics and sound card, removed spyware, and implemented the latest <ew| registry tweaks to double the amount of memory and triple the framerate of your ego shooter.
On a well-kept server, there's basically no reason for anything "bad in the system". An upgrade will keep the server's downtime minimized, and it's far from the mess it was when upgrading Windows 3.1 to Windows 95.
cogitAuthor Commented:
My organization has the following additional member servers:

Exchange 2000
Front end exchange 2000 (just redirecting owa and there is no dmz in the environment)
blackberry 3.6 server
cogitAuthor Commented:
I forgot to mention that the NT 4 is a BDC
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