[Urgent] relocate .net application

I am writing a school web site.
Even I move the whole project (including .vbproj, .vb, .resx, .asax...etc)
I got so many error such as "Could not load type *.WebForm1".

However, I have to place the pages in several folder such as /student, /teacher, /staff ...etc

How can I safely move the page or locate the page to different directory?
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sachiekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I assume it is a web project.

When you relocate to another PC or server make sure your project's webinfo file point to correct virtual directory.
If there is no virtual directory you need to point to correct one.

Look for <FileName>.webinfo.cs or vb

You need to re-complie your project.

Or you use Copy project feature avilable with Visual studio 2003 IDE itself.

ddlamAuthor Commented:
How to re-complie the project?

After I moving the project, I can't open the *.vbproj.
It alerts me the path of project is incorrent.
ddlamAuthor Commented:
works nicely, there is a file call *.vbproj.webinfo
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