building an isp network design

dear sir
can you give me briefly how to build an isp and what servers do i need .
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veaceslavzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ISP are different:
internet-access with a network infrastructure as priority
content provider - as are web/mail services (for example) as priority

Depending on services that you want to sale and for how many users you intend to do this (if it is not content provider)  technically speaking minim you need to have:
- minim 2 ISP connections to eliminate failure and for trafic load-balance.
- inteligent network devices for above.
- choose the services which you intend to propose (mail, web....)
- determine the subservices (radius...)
- keeping in the mind the above and depending yours admin staff - select platform: windows, unix, linux...
Building/server-room with antifire protection and security.
Also as in other business smth. like HR, accounting, marketing, managers...

My best advice is to hire a consultant.
Agree with Pseudocyber here...If you want to built an ISP setup its not very easy and it depends on lot of other things as well...Not only with those servers but a lot...
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xodosAuthor Commented:
can you give me links to get knowledge about this ?
i will be grateful
MarakushConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is a HUGE undertaking...

Its not just servers... that's the tip of it all...

Just a few things to take into consideration. (This is by far not an all inculsive list)

   You need a centralized location that has access to fiber, and you should choose close to a CO as to cut the costs of the loops you will need.

   You need to choose a location that has power grid access, not just a small closet with a 110 outlet.

   You need generators, more to the point a landlord that will allow that sorta thing.

   You need batteries... lots and lots of batteries...

   You need a location that has a data center, and NOC pre-built, or that is going to cost you. (Raised floors, tracking, power allioacation, etc.)

   You need a location that is accessiable 7\24\365

Have you noticed so far I haven't even mentioned servers? If you have not built a datacenter from the ground up, or worked for a few years in one that has been built, I would consider pseudocyber's advice and get a consultiant.

xodosAuthor Commented:
informations which i need are what is the service i need to make ,
like dns , dhcp , does each service must be on a separate server , or on the same one ,
isa server , how should i connect the isa server with the dhcp ,
my isp gave me 254 ips , how can i give them to my clients .
i dont want to make nat , i want to route ips from my isp to my clients ,

How are your clients going to connect to you - ethernet, wireless, dialup, dsl, cable?
Have your DHCP scope hand out the address, subnet masks, Gateways to your clients that connect via the ISA.

Minus the IP addresses you reserve for the routers, switchs, servers. Which should not be in the scope handed out via DHCP.

And we kinda need pseudocyber's question answered as to how customers are going to connect?


xodosAuthor Commented:
clients will be connected over ethernet cables.
2 xodos: looks like you intend to make a home-network ISP.
It is more complex than just server problem. :(
From my practice: have 2 servers, one in extern with internet services: mail, web (+database), dns, trafic accounting/limitations, proxy server and firewall.
Another one server is for internal use: dhcp, file-server, game-server....
Both servers has the same type of harware, and another server is used as test, but in critical failure of firsts can be used to change one of them.
All hardware (servers, modem, switches) are included throught UPS.
Servers running FreeBSD and open-source (read freewares).
It is enought as there are less then 200-300 users, but in future the more servers and structure will be needed.

xodosAuthor Commented:
thanks guys for your help ,
i think i have now many ideas to start with.
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