DVD-burning problem with NEC1300A

I have a NEC1300A DVD-burner and try to burn on dvd-r 8x media (samsung)
I use Nero 6. THe program will not burn to this media. Anyone who knows why?

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the problem with burners is that not every drive supports every media,
you could try to do a firmware update to gain support for more media, but it may not help

here is a discussion about your burner


hiz skjori
i got a friend who was have ur same problem with NEC ND-1300A
and he has tried to burn with many programs such as Nero 6, DVD Copy Express, etc
The problem is it starts to write to the media, gets to 1% and then just sits there and the access light on the drive goes out. <<< this was his problem.
is that happened with u ?
if that 's happened , i think i found a solution to u.
my friend can burn now with Easy CD Creator 6 now without any problem... so try this program..may be ;)
if u are looking for a program to decrypt the DVDs with.
u can use dvd decryptor then DVD 2 One and then copy to dvd.
my advice : get a Sony or Pioneer if you need dual format. :D.... mmmmmm i think Pioneer DVR-106 is not bad ..
now u have many solution.. and the choice is in ur hand.
choose ;)
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