Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 and MP3 Codec

I'm trying to export a video to DIVX with mp3 audio.

I see the Divx codec in the video codecs list, but I dont see the Mp3 codec. I Tried Installing Fraunhofer pro codec and lame mp3 codec and still cant see them in the audio codecs list.

Anyone knows if Adobe Premier can work with any MP3 codec?
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  Please see this document, that have some guidilnes for what you are looking for: (basically it referrers to the Save to web option)

You could also export the video and audio separated and join them using directs stream copy in (export audio as WAV and then convert the audio to mp3 using virtualdub).

  I don't have it installed right now, so that's why I can't point out exactly what is needed, sorry.


Premiere Pro does not support export to MP3.

You will need to use another program to covnert your audio to MP3. Like acseven suggests, using VirtualDub is a good way to do this
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