My computer overheats when I use it....

Hi all.

I have a problem with my P4 computer based on the MSI 865PE Neo-P motherboard.

Over the last week I have noticed that when I log into the computer the temperature of the CPU raises up about a degree celsius every one to two seconds. Normally the CPU is about 61 - 65 degrees celsius but with me logged in it will rise up to 90 degrees within a couple of minutes (and will automatically shut down the computer).

If I log off and log onto my wifes profile then the temperature drops down to 61 - 65 within the same timeframe.

I have scanned for virii, spyware, adware and have come up with nothing.

According to CoreCenter the CPU fan runs slower by 200rpm for me than the other profiles (my wife and my step-son).

The settings in CoreCenter are set to the same for all profiles.

Please help. This is driving me mad.

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burrcmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I suspect you are possessed. If not, what is the CPU doing? Running flat out most likely, and if this is causing the fan to run slower, then your power supply is either inadequate or failing. What does Task Manager show the CPU doing, and if flat out, what is using the resources. Kill that process, and see if things improve.

Chris B
A P4, even with a slow running fan, should not overheat doing nothing.  I strongly suspect you have a process running in the background that is eating up cpu cycles and causing the temperature to rise.  If you are running WinXP, type msconfig to see what is set to run and shut down what is not present under the other profiles.
Yes but even if something is eating up cpu cycles, the thing should NOT overheat.

Even if the processor gets too hot, it should thermal throttle, if not deactivated in bios.

P4 normally requires a TAC case (Thermally Advanced) because they get so hot and an ambient case temp of max 35 celcius

So your system is thermally on the edge,

Perhaps reseat CPU ,check all fans, perhaps adding a casefan.

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If it was a hardware problem, it should be present in all profiles, no?  It sounds like it is behaving differently for his profile.
Even if the processor runs 100% 24/7, it should not shut down, because of overheating, yes?

I agree that the possible  INDIRECT cause is a process in his profile, but that is not the real cause
Agreed, there is probably another factor not yet revealed, like poor heatsink contact.  We can interrogate him when he comes back ;-)
I had a slow fan on my older Asus board one time.  Apparently, sometimes these things get corrupted.

I would reset your RTC RAM first by jumpering the RTC pins on your motherboard and then back to normal and rebooting... and then check under the CPU heat-sink to see if there is a build-up of dust and stuff or anything blocking the fins.  Sometimes when there are a lot of fins close together... the dust builds up blocking the airflow.

My 25 cents worth :-)

Make a new profile for yourself, copy stuff over a bit at a time.
clivewakehamAuthor Commented:

I have examined the processes running under my profile and under my wife's. Nothing stands out.

Since the problem only happens under my profile (not any of the others) then it has to be software based not hardware.

I have a feeling that when I updated my version of FreshUI I must of changed a setting (maybe one for power saving etc), but I need to find the registry setting for it.

I will attempt to download FreshUI again and see what settings are in the registry for power saving.

Thanks for all your suggestions, especailly the one about me being possessed, though my head has not turned completely around as yet.

I keep you all updated,

clivewakehamAuthor Commented:
Hi all,

I was getting rather annoyed having to switch profiles whenever my profile set the temperature up.

I was playing with SpeedFan so I could see what was happening and it showed a definite spike down at regular times which looked interesting.

Then a message on the screen told me that ZoneAlarm had finished its virus scan.
I had not set ZoneAlarm for a virus scan because I use Nod32 for anti-virus and ZoneAlarm for fire wall.

But as soon as the message showed the temperature dropped and now reading at 61 degrees C.

The fan is very good normally. During our summer (Nov -- Feb) the outside temperature can get to 40 degrees and the system has not had a problem.

Why I had a problem with ZoneAlarm I don't know. Its a mystery.

Thanks to all for replying.

Clive Wakeham
clivewakehamAuthor Commented:
I was a bit quick on blaming ZoneAlarm.

Five minutes later and the temperature went up again.

I finally found a BIOS update that was supposed to fix up a problem with the bios not reporting the temparture correctly.

After getting the bios update to work, the temperature dropped. My profile now registers about 51 degrees C.

Thanks again.
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