choosing different alias in microsoft exchange 2003 server


my customer ask me if it's possibile that 1 user in the active directory with mutlialias address can choose different e-mail address for sending messages.

it's  possible with exchange set-up multi alias address and then choose the right one for sending e-mails?

thanks for your reply

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MicrotechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi cesarebalena,

set up a new user/distribution list with the alias smtp address, go into exchange advanced tab in AD, and set full mailbox access to this 1st user. Then within outlook go in and add each mailbox (n/a for distlist) then when opening a message in outlook you need to pull down the from field (under view), if you create them as users you can forward all replies to the user 1 mailbox, and also if you have a mapi connection setup you can hide the other users from the address book so people within your organisation do not get confused.

Hope This helps
I don't understand why I can't simply give an Alias to the user and send FROM that alias! What is stopping me from doing this? The above method requires me to make a entirely new mailbox in Exchange which means I have to use an Exchange CAL up. Is there no other way?

This can be done by adding an extra smtp address for the user in Active Directory Users and Computer (on the server with Exchange System Manager installed).

This way no addition exchange CAL needed.
that doesn't work hungn
You either need to set up additional echange mailboxes or use a 3rd party product like ChangeSender ( Exchange and Outlook do not support this natively.
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