Grand total of formula fields

Hi, any help would be appreciated.  Crystal Reports V8.5. This subject has been covered many times but I cannot quite get to grips with it. Very simply I have a report that has a formula field called @balance:

ToText ({ReportData.Award}-{ReportData.SumOfPaidAmt})

for each record it prints this calculated amount. (the SumOfPaidAmt is a total within each record)

I think I need to use running totals, but I do not a 'running total' only a grand total.
All I want to do is show a grand total of @balance at the bottom of the report.

Many thanks.
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bdreed35Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You have a few options.

One, you can create another formula to put into the report footer.
The formula should look like this:

Text (sum({ReportData.Award})-sum({ReportData.SumOfPaidAmt}))

Second option, you can alter the balance formula by getting rid of the ToText function.
Not quite sure why you are using it anyway.


Now you can right click it and insert a grand total summary off of it
There are other options to, but one of these 2 would server you best.
Personally, 2 would better in my opinion.
Move that formula field into your report footer. Should sort out your problem

robfendergibsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Spykair but if I move the @balance formula field into the report footer, I do not get the total amount of @balance, I only get the last record result amount.  Do I need to do anything else?  Each record caculates the outstanding balance (@balance formula field) by subtracting 'total payments' (SumOfPaidAmt) from Award amount.

I guess another way of putting it is that I need a total of: (total of Award Amounts - total of balance amounts)

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bd's got it spot-on

Ken TurnerCommented:
Why does ({ReportData.Award}-{ReportData.SumOfPaidAmt}) have to be converted to text?

If it wasn't, creating the grand total would be trivial.
robfendergibsonAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for this, yes it was easy in the end.  the Totext (mmm not sure why it was in there..) was stopping me summing the easy way.  I've taking the ToText out and all works fine.
Ken TurnerCommented:
robfendergibson:  you probably now need to decide which one of we correspondents is to be the lucky recipient of your 250 points ...
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