see other recepients in Bcc

Dear Experts,

If someone send an email to a group of people using bcc, is there any special methods to those list ??

Thank you
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Hi mmccy,

 Not sure what you really mean here, but the way these work is that the emails are actual sent to these people as a blind copy, so the people who get them don't know it was sent to inlcuding the people in the bcc. So if I send an email and place 2 bcc emails these people will only see there name and not the each other.

mmccyAuthor Commented:
I mean to see those lists !!
Nope there is no method to see the other people included in the bcc list.

Not possible being an ordinary user.

If you are a system administrator of the sending mail domain or the recieving mail domain, you can check the server logs for the sent messages. You can group the log entries on the message-id and you will get a hang of who all the message was sent to.
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