Read XML-data into a JSP-array

Posted on 2005-05-03
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I would like to be able to read xml-data into a jsp-array. Take the following example. The array xmltest now has 2 x 3 items for two persons. I've created a resembling structure in xml. The tag-names and xml-structure may be different, that's not the issue here. What I need is some function that reads trough the xml data. The xml can be in an include if that's easier.

<% String[] persons =
      "Simon", "35", "M",
      "Suzy", "31", "F"
}; // name, age, gender


<data type="persons">
      <record type="person">
            <item type="name">Simon</item>
            <item type="age">35</item>
            <item type="gender">M</item>
      <record type="person">
            <item type="name">Suzy</item>
            <item type="age">31</item>
            <item type="gender">F</item>

// */
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Accepted Solution

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Here's a couple of methods to help you:

       * this method retrieves the value of the specifed node in the xml String
       * pStr
       * @param pStr
       * @return
      public static String getNamedNodeValue( String pStr , String pNodename  ){
            String jobNumber = "" ;
                  pStr = pStr.trim() ;
                  DocumentBuilderFactory factoryBuilder = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance( );
                  DocumentBuilder builder = factoryBuilder.newDocumentBuilder();
                  Document doc = builder.parse( new ByteArrayInputStream( pStr.getBytes()) );
                  //Get root element
                  Element elDoc = doc.getDocumentElement();
                  NodeList nodes = elDoc.getElementsByTagName( pNodename );
                  if ( nodes.getLength() != 1 ){
                        return "error" ;
                        Node jobNode = nodes.item(0) ;
                        jobNumber = getText( jobNode );
            catch(Exception e){
                  e.printStackTrace() ;
            return jobNumber ;

      /**private method to return the text data between the opening and closing
       * tags of the specific nodes when applied to an org.w3c.dom.Document object
       * @param node
       * @return
      private static String getText(Node node) {
            StringBuffer text = new StringBuffer();
            String value = node.getNodeValue();
            if (value != null) text.append(value);
            if (node.hasChildNodes()) {
                  NodeList children = node.getChildNodes();
                  for (int i = 0; i < children.getLength(); i++) {
                        Node child = children.item(i);
            return text.toString();
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Thanks grexx :-)

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