OnClick take data in memo field and write to memo field on another form

When a users clicks, I wish to take the value that is shown in a Memo field EventDateInitial on form Event_Type_And_Details and add this into the memo field ContactDetails on form Aim_Contacts.  

To make this a little more difficult, I wish for the user to be able to use this option to add the data from the EventDateInitial field onto a new line at the TOP of the memo filed ContactDetails.  So each time the user clicks on the button it takes the value from field EventDateInitial on Form Event_Type_And_Details adds a fresh line to the TOP of the field ContactDetails on Form Aim_Contacts and in this new line inserts the data across.

Hope this makes sense

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will_scarlet7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I think if you put something like this in your "OnClick" even, it should work:

    Forms!Aim_Contacts!ContactDetails = Me!EventDateInitial & VBCRLF & Forms!Aim_Contacts!ContactDetails

This is assuming that the button that the user clicks in on your "Event_Type_And_Details" form.
wobbledAuthor Commented:
Excellent - just what I needed
Happy to help!
God bless!

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