My Server is P-IV 2.4 GHz installed on Intel 845 and have 512 MB RAM.

I m using windows 2000 server with SP4.

I want to use Raid technology for mirroring.

My question is that how can i made this on my server......i just want to know the steps for making that thing.

I have two hard drive on the is 40 GB where windows 2000 server installed.
40 GB hard drive have 2 Partition, C drive and D drive,

and other one is 80 GB hard Drive.. here are 4 Partition ....Drive letters are "E", "F". "G" and "H" ..My data is in Drive "H" and i want to mirror that drive with Drive "G"... both Drives have same capacity..

Can someone tell me that how can i make Raid.


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al-hasanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
manoj729 wants to mirror one partition of a hard disk to another partition of the same hard disk. The question now is whether this is possible. Never heard of it yet.
Usually some hard disk gets mirrored to a second hard disk. If data could be backed up and a new installation is possible, my suggestion would be to swap the two hard disks. Then install Windows on the first 40 GB of the 80 GB disk, and data on the second 40 GB - and mirror this (partition) to the second hard drive. Or plainly take a further disk capable to mirror the H partition.

HI :)
well if mirroring is all you need that is not RAID
cause the minimum a raid takes is 3 disks talking about a raid 0 up here.
and when talking raid we talking spanned and striped volumes...something that mirroring doesnt do.
mirroring is just the exact copy of one disk onto another.
once said that.
in order to do mirroring you will need to convert your disks that are interested over to dinamic
how to do thi : click left button on My computer and go manage
under manage go to disk management
you will see your disks there
click left on the disks interested and choose the option convert to dynamic disks
once you have done that and converted them bot you click again left on the (always in the same place(disk management)) and you choose mirror and you choose the second disk and click on the mirroring options;)
and thats it;) nice and easy..
Hope it helped;)
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Easymage - mirroring is RAID 1
easymageCommented: you are right My bad strange cause adaptecs scsi controllers ask always 3 disks for raid 1 that is why I suggested that raid1 is not the same as mirroring........How ever I searched on the internet and the sites I ve been stated that you are correct anil u ;)
how ever the procedure for mirroring is the same as I stated in my first post...I know that cause ive done it already;)
hope it helped ;)
got a good site that describes raid;)
how ever the question is how to do mirroring.....lets focus on that;)
dflynn21Director of ITCommented:
Just for clarification sake:
Raid 1 (Mirroring) can only be used with 2 disks, never 3 unless you are doing RAID 0+1 and that would be 4 disks.
Raid 5 minimum requirements is 3 disks.
Budrick1000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would not recommend mirroring 2 partitions on the same physical disk. It sounds like you are looking to backup your data. RAID isn't the right way to do it in this case because if your physical drive fails your data is gone. RAID 1 with two physical drives makes sense because if one drive fails, you have the exact same data on the second drive. Also to note, if some sort of error is written to a mirrored array it will show up on both drives because it is written in real time.

If you want a backup of your data, use MS Backup (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools) with scheduled backups
This will not safeguard you from a failed hard drive but it will give you a backup of your data just incase you delete something or something.

If you want to do RAID on two physical disks use refer to easyimage's post for the cost effective way (dynamic disks) or get a hard drive controller with RAID may way two drives of the exact same size because any RAID 1 or 0 array will be the size of the smallest disk.

The solution that you are looking for isn't really a good idea. Budrick1000 pointed out that putting two mirrored partitions on the same physical disk is not a good idea.

Unless your motherboard supports RAID natively you will not be able to create a RAID configuration without adding an IO controller.

Another issue that will come into play is that with many RAID array configurations the drives need to be configured as an array before data is added.

It might make sense to purchase an external drive enclosure and put your data drive in it while you build your RAID array inside your computer and then copy the contents from the external drive onto your new RAID array.

Hope this helps.

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