Disable/Remove the Outlook Calendar folder

Environment:  Single Exchange 2000 Server with SP3 and Post SP3 patches.  Clients using Outlook 2002, 2003, and OWA.

I have a user that has a standard ordinary account.  Management has now requested that I disable the calendar on this account so other staff cannot invite this account to meetings.    

Correct me if I'm wrong but since the Calendar is a standard folder there's no way to either delete it or disable it, correct?  

I've already cleared out the calendar folder using Exmerge, set the Free/busy options to post 0 months of information, and removed any additional permissions other staff had on the calendar.  Is there anything else I can do further disable the calendar on this account?

BTW - I am talking about the standard Calendar folder, not one created by the user.  
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      Calendar Options
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Create an appointment for the user, showing them out of the office or busy.  How you set up this appointment is up to you.  You could show them out of the office for the month x 12 months.  You could do a daily request showing them out from 0001 to 2359
...and so on.
That is correct.  There is not a way to disable the calendar function for a user.
Even if you set this calendar to auto-deny meeting requests, the user could go back and change it to be on.
djs120Author Commented:

That's what I thought.  thanks.

BTW - how do you set the calendar to auto-deny requests in Outlook 2002?
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This will review how you can disable direct booking for resources, preventing them from being booked as a resource.  Resources don't get meeting requests.
djs120Author Commented:

Nice.  This will help a lot.

Good luck!  
If that does not work you may need a direct line with the IBM Business Genie. *sarcasm*
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