Groupwise 6.01 - automate saving attachments

I have someone sending me files on a daily basis.  Can I create a rule to look for that email and to save the attachment to a network directory? If so, how?
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Psi is correct, you can't do this with the native client and rules.

Creating a C3PO (custom 3rd part object) for GroupWise isn't difficult if you have some visual programming skills. You can find more details (and examples) at

No, not in a stock GroupWise v6.0 system (note that you're about 3 Support Packs behind). You might have to get a 3rd party tool - like Formativ - to add that functionality. Or generate a C3PO (a plug-in for the client).

Also, GroupWise v7 will include an XML/SOAP interface to the Post Office than may make things like this easier.

Finally, note that EE has added a GroupWise TA -->
Here's a kludge to do this:
Create a separate email account (GroupWise or otherwise, anything accessible via POP or IMAP...)
Create a GroupWise rule that forwards the messages with the attachments to this second account.
Set up Eudora to automatically check this account, and turn on the option to automatically save attachments.

Hey, I said it was a kludge....
astro26Author Commented:
What about for 6.5?  I believe that is where we are now, would the novell visual programming link still apply?
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