Terminal Server Profiles Permissions

Because of profile file sizes I've had to set the policy that profiles on our Server 2000 terminal server get copied to a profile share on another server. This worked fine for all but 4 users on our network. These last 4 users keep getting something like the following error message:

"Windows cannot create profile directory mckeough01\profiles$\lisavanwesting.pds. You will be logged on with a local profile only." - DETAIL: Access Denied.

I've compared security groups to people whose profiles are working, and I can't find any discrepancies.

The profile share has the following permissions:

Administrators - Full Control
Authenticated Users - Full Control
BackOffice Folder Operators - Full Control - Not sure why we need this group?? I didn't originally create this share.
SYSTEM - Full Control

If you right-click on the folder then click on "Sharing" then click on "Permissions" you would see that the Everyone group has full control.

If you drill down to the individual's user folder you would find the following permissions:

Administrators - Full
BackOffice Folder Operators - Full Control - Again, not sure why this is here.
Username - Full Control
SYSTEM - Full Control

One more thing - If I sign on as the person having this problem, I can navigate just fine to the folder the system is supposed to be using for their profile. That person can create anything in the folder, and remove anything from it.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have a look at the ownership. The user (or the Administrators group) needs to be the owner of the profile folder. If necessary, let the user take ownership.

Windows XP SP1 and Windows 2000 SP4 checks for existing roaming user profile folders when a roaming user profile is created

Windows Server 2003 Checks for Pre-Created Roaming Profile Folders When You Make a Roaming User Profile
Do you have any type of quotas enabled on the 2000 Server?  That can prevent them from copying their data up.  Have them attempt to map to the server and manually copy some files up to see if they are succesful.
mckeoughAuthor Commented:
No. There are no quotas. There's plenty of space right now on the main server. They can map to, and add data to those folders, so that isn't the problem.
mckeoughAuthor Commented:
oBdA, I think you may be right about letting the user take ownership. What is the best way to set that up?
mckeoughAuthor Commented:
OK. Got this cleaned up. It was a combination of incorrect UNC paths and owner permissions. Thanks for the tip.
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