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I created a database from an SQL export of another database. Both are SQL Server 2000. The issue I have with the new database is that the default values, which are assigned to user defined data types, are not inserting automatically. Why are the defaults which are assigned to the data types, not propagating on inserts?
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During the Import/Export, if you selected the first option "Copy tables and views from the source database", then the defaults will not be exported to the destination database.  If you want the defaults to be included, select the third option "Copy objects and data between SQL Server databases".
paulfryerAuthor Commented:
I did a copy from a SQL script, I did NOT use the import wizard.
How did you generate the SQL scripts?  Is it through Enterprise Manager--> Generate SQL Scripts?  If so, did you go to the Options tab and selected the Table Scripting Options, specifically the last one, "Script PRIMARY keys, FOREIGN keys, defaults and check constraints"?
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