Restoring PIX 501 Configurations from networked TFTP server

I’m in the process of completing the installation of our backup for internet access communication with a cable/DSL modem.  Our primary communications is a MCI T1 with a CISCO 2600 router and PIX 501 firewall.  Everything works great and I know how to access the PIX 501 for changes using PDM.  I have changed the PIX configuration to write our current configuration to our network TFTP server, and that works great.

When I change the PIX configuration for the cable/DSL using PDM, then make a backup copy of it to our TFTP server, is it possible to use PDM to restore the selected configuration (MCI or Cable) or do I have to use CLI to restore the selected configuration.  If I have to use CLI, what are the commands?

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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
pix#config net

This will grab the config file, where "copy tftp flash" will want to overwrite the OS binary...
harbor235Connect With a Mentor Commented:
copy tftp flash:

It will then put you interactive mode, where you spsecify the source filename
and destination filename.

rmedlockAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys both of your answers appear right, so which one is correct.  I will be changing my existing configuration this Saturday for the cable modem, when I it works correctly I will save a copy of the configuration on my TFTP server and whenever we lose our comm link with MCI I will sign onto the router and restore the cable configuration, then change out the necessary cables from the PIX 501 to my hub.

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