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Windows 2000 Permissions for shared folder through VPN

I need help trying to get access to a folder in our network (Windows 2000 Server w/ Active Directory).  I am trying to establish a connection from the My Documents Folder on a Workstation to a computer outside the domain through a VPN tunnel.  The tunnel is up and we have a mapped folder to a member server that we can access.  We are unable to gain access to the My Documents Folder on the Workstation (NTFS).
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you need to map a drive to a shared folder on the workstation you're trying to access...

if there's no shares defined, you can map to the c$ share as administrator

from cmd prompt:
net use h: \\workstation1\c$ /USER:administrator

or something like that should work...if you can't use the computer name, try the ip address of the machine instead.

Once you've mapped to c$, then go into the 'Documents and Settings' folder - inside that will be all of the user profile directories, and every one of them will have their own 'My Documents' folder (there's more than one My Documents on a computer...)

im a little confused about what exacly you are trying to do.  In one place you say you are trying to connect FROM the my documents folder which made me thing you were talking about redirecting the my documents folder to a share on another machine.  Then you say you are unable to gain access TO the my documents folder. which is it? to or from??

you also say "The tunnel is up and we have a mapped folder to a member server that we can access."
do you mean you have a mapped DRIVE to a share on a remote computer??

im confused about what you are trying to accomplish and what is and what is not working.
1on1incAuthor Commented:

We are able to map the drive from outside the domain via VPN tunnel to the My Documents folder on the workstation.  We cannot open the mapped drive (Access Denied).  From inside the domain if we log in as our user we can map the drive and open the folder.  We are not trying to redirect the My Doucments folder but give another user (not My Documents owner) access to it from their home.  We are trying to gain access TO not from.
2nd Pt. of confusion  Yes, we have a mapped drive to a share on a remote computer (not Domain server but a member server).

We are trying to open a mapped drive to the My Documents folder on a workstation ( from a computer ( outside the domain connectted via VPN tunnel.  We can map to the My Documents folder but can't see the contents (ACCESS DENIED).

Have you tried to map the drive using the appropriate username format (i.e. mydomainname\username) ?
yes, it sounds like a permissions thing...

use the /USER: that I mentioned in my first post - then plug in the correct domain\username combo so that you're connecting as a valid user that has permissions to read the files in there...

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