How do I translate disk throughput from KBps to IOps?

I'm using HP's VMware Solution Sizer tool.  I enter performance data for a number of servers I want to consolidate, and then it calculates have many of a certain model server I'll need to support those virtualized systems.  The problem I'm having is that the tool is asking for IOps to indicate disk throughput, and the data I've collected is based on KBps.  Does an IO = 1 bit?  How to I convert my 75KBps into IOps?

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Duncan MeyersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately, no. One I/O could potentially be 4MB. In a Windows environment (from memory) SQL and Exchange write in 4KB chunks. File services are 16KB (?) I'm really hazy on the exact numbers. I've no doubt someone will correct me... You can use the Windows I/O size to do a very (and I mean *very*) rough guesstimate of IOPS. The probblem is that many 4K (or whatever) chunks can be written in one I/O operation...

In short, whilst I/O per second and KB/s are related, you cannot make an absolute correlation between the two figures. If you need accuracy for sizing you should collect the IOPS data.
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