Data Type Char. Limitations????

As far as I "know" an nvarchar is the MAX character holder in SQL.  Am I correct?  With a max lengh of 4000 char.  I have a project going on, where a majority of the time, the values will not exceed 4000, however, in beta testing for over 2 weeks with the end users, I finally had a dump into SQL exceeding 4000.  Is there any other Data Type that will allow SQL to exceed 4000 char, so I don't run into this down the road?
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Do you actually need an nvarchar?

You can also use a text datatype, but performing updates can get a little complex later.
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
varchar (or char) have a maximum of 8000 characters.  You only need nvarchar (or nchar) if youa re using unicode (double-byte) characters.

text data types have a maximum of 2GB, but have limitations as to the functions and SQL clauses you can use.
chrisryhalAuthor Commented:
As per your postings, you both posted within (1) min of one another, so I will split the points.  I was unaware that those other datatypes offered a longer character limit.  8000 would definitly be enough.

Thanks for the advice.
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