HTTP Error 401.5 in IIS 6.0, Server 2003

I get a HTTP Error 401.5, when i try and open certain Php files that login to my SquirrelMail account. I get this error because i dont know what username and password to supply to an Authorization screen when it pops up.

Where can i get this user name and password, or just turn it off.

ps: yes I am the system administrator, .... yes it is sad
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You get this error when the user that IIS is impersonating doesn't have NTFS permissions to the file that's trying to be accessed.

(that's a pretty cool chart Ken! :)

yes, it most probably is permissions.  Make sure that the anonymous user (it will be 'iusr_<computername>' if you have not changed it) has access to the squirrelmail files and the php executables.  just use windows explorer to browse to the location on disk, right click the root folder and use security settings to add the anonymous user for read/execute rights.

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