Memory could not be "read" errors using Adobe Reader & Backup program

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I have 10 'standalone' W2K3 servers setup for education purposes to provide terminal server sessions with no internet access.

The problem I have found recently is that if a macromedia tutorial is accessed and the student may open a PDF document to assist with their answers.  There is problem initially but when the student logs off their TS session they get the nasty error message below:


   The instruction at "0x030db8fb" referenced memory at "0x00000154".  The memory could not be "read"
   Click on OK or Cancel to 'Debug'

If Cancel is selected then basically the same error message appears and I have the option to click on OK to terminate the program.  I have Adobe Reader 7.0 installed.  I have had a look at the access permissions to these files and from what I can tell all should be working okay as all they need to do is open the pdf file and close it again once they have finished reading it.

I also have the same error message occuring with the Turbobackup software I am using to do a backup weekly of the students data.  It has installed itself as a service, so no one is required to be logged on while it uses the setup schedule to backup direct to DVD the students data.   The problem I have is that once it has completed the backup to DVD the same error above pops up.  Since I have no remote access to these servers I have had to provide the senior teachers with the access to shutdown the server and restart it so the error messages go away...obviously not the best solution!

Any assistance on fixing these errors would be much appreciated.

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joedoe58Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Please read this posting:
There is an update to Acrobat 7 though. Maybe they have fixed this problem in the update. I say this since I have Office 2k3 and Acrobat 7 with the update and i have no problems
traceylbAuthor Commented:

I will try updating Adobe Reader to see if this helps - I thought I had done this recently but perhaps not.  
I was thinking that the problems were related to the W2K3 OS and not the applications themselves.  I've just started the Adobe Reader download so I will give an update as soon as I know the results.  Thanks.
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