Why can't I see my main comuter?

I have just put a new hard drive in my main computer.  I am sharing my drives and printers with my laptop.  Windows firewall is off.
I can see the computer from the laptop only if I search for it by name and then map a drive.
We are on the same workgroup and subnet.

Why can't I see if I click on "entire network" in windows explorer and then in Windows network - then the workgroup?  I only see the portable.
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PAQ'd, 250 points refunded.
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Try typing:

net config server

from the command line.  What does the "server hidden" line say?  if it says yes, you can use something like:

net config server /hidden:no

So you are able to map the drive, but don't see the host in entire network?  Interesting...
First make sure you have the default netbios settings in the wins tab of the advanced tcpip settings set to on. also enable lmhosts lookup. Then edit all the hosts and lmhosts files on all your networked pc's to include the ip addresses and names of the pc's on your network. You'll find both files in


and they should look similar to this:              PC1              PC2

Even if you are using dhcp to provide your PCs with the IP settings, they will normally be given the same address, so there shouldn't be a problem there.
CatDivaAuthor Commented:
Well,  I've solved the problem.  None of the answers you gave helped.  

I added the protocol NWlink IPX/SPX/NetNios Compatible Transport Protocol to the network stack. That has worked in the past too with other home computer setups.  I don't know why.  

Thanks for your help and suggestions

PS  what do I do with this question now?
ask for a delete / refund via support.
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