Multi-Select ListBox Question(s)

First Part is getting the values from the multi-selection listbox. (SelectionMode="Multiple")  I have tried 2 ways to get the selected values from the listbox:

               'First Attempt -> Does not return the selected items
      Dim itm As ListItem
         For Each itm In SubLi.Items
            If itm.Selected Then
               str1 &= itm.Text
            End If
               'Second Attempt -> Does not return the selected items            
      Dim ctr as Integer
                  For ctr=0 to SubLi.Items.Count()-1
                                If SubLi.items(ctr).selected
                          str1 += SubLi.items(ctr).Text
                                end if
Each of these 2 ways does not return the selected values - returns nothing.  If I access directly it returns the value str1 = SubLi.items(1).Text but I need to do it in a loop to get all of the selected values. (Assuming this is the only way to get all of the selected items from a multi-listbox)  Would be greatly appreciated if someone can point out where the logic is flawed in these loops, from what I can tell & reading some other solutions these should work.... but for some reason are not returning the selected items.

Part 2 - Set the defaults in the listbox.  How do you set multiple selected items in a list box, ie want to pre-select the first and third items?

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Part 1:
It seems both should work.
I have a question: do you rebind the listbox on postback in Page_Load?
If that is the case, your selection will be lost on postback.
You should put your code to rebind the listbox inside
if not ispostback then
end if
egdigitalAuthor Commented:
That solved the first problem.. posting note on my laptop now to remember to place binding code inside of 'if not ispostback '.. Would you know how to address the second part of the question?
Like this?

  ListBox1.Items(0).Selected = True
        ListBox1.Items(2).Selected = True
egdigitalAuthor Commented:
Yes, actually I should've tried that out prior to asking.. thanks for the help & prompt answers.
Please I need help on that
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