re-install Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC 2.0

After re-installing ActiveSync, how can I re-install Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC 2.0 in my desktop without re-installing in my Pocket PC?
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Karl Heinz KremerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't have any experience with the PocketPC version, I'm using the my Palm to read PDFs, and this is how I do it:

It does not matter if I reinstall the Reader for my Palm, the documents are still there. It just takes a little longer to synchronize the first time after the installation (because the Reader software needs to be copied to the device).

If I do want to prevent the re-installation of the Reader, I install the software on my Windows system, and then go into my hotsync manager and just remove the Reader from the list of all programs that will be copied to the device (at this point, it's usually the only program in the list). I would assume that ActiveSync has a similar feature. But again, it's no big deal to just install the software, it will not remove any installed PDF files (at least on the PalmPilot).
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Can you please explain the "C" grade. My answer either helped, or it did not. In the latter case, you could have told us that you still need help, or requested a refund of your points.
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