Unable to connect using INDY email

I use Outlook Express to access my AT&T Worldnet email
on my HP Pavilion using XP Home without difficulty.
However, when I try to use the INDY MailClient demo
program configured with the same parameters that I use
for Outlook Express, I am unable to connect to the ATT
email POP3 or SMTP server addresses.  At the connect
line in the demo program, everything stops and
eventually times out.  However, using INDY, I am able
to successfully ping and do a trace route on the ATT server

I use a Motorola Surboard cable modem connected to Charter
communications.  I also use a Linksys router, although I've
run experiments in bypassing the router and that makes no
difference.  I've also tried connecting using two other
computers, one with XP Home, and the other with Win 2000
with the same negative results.  In all cases, I've tried
disabling my Norton Firewall and anti virus, and that doesn't
make any difference either.  I've tried using different port
settings without success.  Also, I've tried running with
Outlook Express shutdown to make sure there is no conflict,
but that has no effect either. And I've run the MailClient.exe
program directly without the Delphi compiler to make sure
that there is no conflict there too.

I should note that I get an error when I try to use the
{Set up authentication dialog-box} sequence in FormActivate
of the Main Unit of the demo.

The parameters I'm using are:

SMPT: imailhost.worldnet.att.net on port 465  
POP3: ipostoffice.worldnet.att.net on port 995
email: RalphSpud@att.net (with correct password)

I've also used other examples of email programs using INDY
to no avail.  

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  The addresses of a
free email server to run as an alternate experiment would
be very useful.

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Hi, so I suppose it is possible to connect
to mentioned mail via different client
(i.e. Outlook..) in the same environment.
If yeah it's possible ensure that your ports
are accessible (check Windows XP Firewall)
and also try to setup your ports on default
ones: POP3 (port 110) - SMTP (port 25)

RalphSCoffinAuthor Commented:
I've been using Outlook Express to access the same ATT email
server with the same parameters I use with INDY for a long time.  
It works without problems.

I've shut off the firewalls and antivirus, but nothing changes.
The fact that I can ping and trace with INDY leads me to
believe that it's not a firewall problem, but I've been around
computers long enough to avoid ruling out any possible cause.  

I've also tried the same ports that you suggested without success.  
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
Does your firewal have the capability to block/unblock certain applications from accessing the internet?

Some servers block Indy controls in HTTP and some even do not allow Indy SMTP controls to connect
because of the proliferation of spam programs that are written using them.
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TheRealLokiSenior DeveloperCommented:
because you get an error when using the settings dialog, the mailclient demo is unable to get the host port and user settings, so it is likely defaulting to blank.

in line 290 of main.pas you will see
   POP.Host := Pop3ServerName;
   POP.Port := Pop3ServerPort;
   POP.Username := Pop3ServerUser;
   POP.Password := Pop3ServerPassword;

try changing it to
   POP.Host := 'myhost'; // Pop3ServerName;
   POP.Port := 110; //Pop3ServerPort;
   POP.Username := 'myname'; //Pop3ServerUser;
   POP.Password := 'mypassword'; //Pop3ServerPassword;

If this works, then you just have to solve the settings page error.
what error are you getting when you try to use the settings?
I think it requires write access to edit an ini file, so that could be it
RalphSCoffinAuthor Commented:
This problem is an AT&T Worldnet issue.  I spent about
30 minutes online with an AT&T tech who gave me some
things to try, but nothing worked, it never responds.
So I tried some POP and SMTP addresses from other ISPs
and after fiddling around was able to get them to
respond, saying that I was not authorized, as expected.
Finally, I set up an email address with Yahoo, and
bought their Mail Plus service ($20/yr) which is
required for use of their server addresses.  After some
more fiddling around, I got that to work, and can now
send and receive email using several different INDY
demos with my Yahoo account.

Thanks to those who offered help.
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
As I said, I think they are blocking Indy controls.
RalphSCoffinAuthor Commented:
God only knows why.
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
I explained it above. Tons of spam software is written in Delphi with Indy controls.
RalphSCoffinAuthor Commented:
"Forced accept."?  I pay ten bucks a month so you can shove me around?  How tactful of you.  
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