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Hi All,

 I have a problem on my windows xp, when I make shutdown , it makes restart. I know that the configuration of the xp is to make restart when it stuck in the software, and I tried to remove this action (system failure\restart system), so, the windows give the blue dump screen and hang.
 I also tried to remove all the programs that may cause a problem, but it still the same problem.
I also removed all the unwanted startup files from the registry.
my question is: is there any tool or registry record or logfile that can tell me what happens exactly when the system shutdown and what it the file that may cause this problem?
 I do not want to format the system.

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Greetings deyaa!

The restarting issue can also be caused by external devices. I have come acrossed of a HP All in One printer causing this issue, check if there is any external devices that is causing this issue.

 check if the computer is shutting off in the safe mode and also the BIOS setup screen.

Safe Mode:

1. Restart the computer, keep tapping F8 on restarting the computer.
2. Select Safe Mode from the list of options

You may then disconnect all the external connections with the computer, including the CD and DVD drives and check if the issue persits, you may then reconnect one by one and check which causes the issue. You can perform it if the computer is a desktop.

You can also download the Registry Mechanic to check the registry.

If the issue persist, reinstallation of Windows is the option left to narrow down the issue with hardware.

Gary GordonSolution IntegratorCommented:
Have you examined the Event Log? Go to START > CONTROL PANEL > ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS > EVENT LOG >  and then examine the records in eack of the three logs.  Look in the system log and application log.

Other ideas:  Boot up in SAFE MODE and test the shut down.  Use MSCONFIG, wipe out the STARTUP menu and then test the shut down.
you may go to a command prompt and type this "sfc /scannow" without the " ".  This will check all system files and verify their integrity.  Used to be sfc in older versions of windows but now have to use the /scannow after it.  Seems to me you have a corrupted system file or two.
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