Can't delete missing dynamic disk

I have a Windows 2003 server with 3 disks, all dynamic.  Disk 1 & 2 are IDE and support the OS, Program Files, and some data.  The OS and Program Files are in RAID 1 (mirror) between disks 1 & 2.  Disk 3(the problem) is a large SATA disk and has mostly backup data and until recently supported the page file.  This event crashed the server incidentally.

Disk 3 now shows as missing with a circled red x.  It also has a 2nd entry as foreign disk - dynamic.  The missing disk entry has 3 failed volumes (no letters) and a failed redundancy mirror, drive letter Z: that is has 25GB of data mirrored from disk 1, which also shows failed redundancy Z:.  If I try to remove the mirror (other options being delete volume or format) I get the error:
"The operation is not allowed because the requested object is in active use"

There are no shares on that volume or any system files I know of.  I have attempted to reactivate the missing disk but the server simply ignores my request with no message(nothing in event viewer either).  The foreign disk entry gives only 1 option - to convert to basic disk.  I've recovered all the data using R-Studio so I'm not concerned with it, but the missing disk remains.  I would like to get rid of this missing disk as I can no longer mirror the Z: data volume and it is annoying me.  The foreign disk I assume will simply convert to basic and then dynamic so I can use it.  Any help would be appreciated in removing the missing disk with the failed redundancy.  Thanks.
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Make sure the pagefile doesn't go to that disk, also turn off shadow copies and recycle bins and any other services that may be wanting to use that disk (temp environment variables etc.).
I think your best bet here is actually to go back to basic disk and then do all your formatting and after that go over to dynamic and do the stuff you have to do.
darkfriendAuthor Commented:
No page file, no shadow copies, deleted recycle bin, no environment variables - same error.

I converted the disk from foreign to basic then to dynamic.  I can use the disk but the 2nd copy of it, in disk management, remains showing "missing - offline" with the one failed redundancy volume that will not remove.

I guess I'll have to back up that 25GB of data and try the delete or reformat option.
darkfriendAuthor Commented:
Backed up and deleted the failed redundancy volume.  The volume Z: deleted from both disk 1 and 3.  The disk would still not go away.  I then deleted all the failed volumes so the whole missing disk was unallocated and then the option to remove disk showed up.  I removed the disk and now all that remains is the dynamic disk...and that would mean I'm done.  Thanks anyways.
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