Windows 2003 constant high processor use

The CPU use for this SBS2003 server constantly hovers around the 50% and I get alerts to say the use is high. It is a new HP server with Xeon 3.0Ghz processor and 1Gb memory. It only supports 5 workstations and I have other servers of a similar spec and do not show the constant high use even outside business hours.

The process that seems to take the resource is the System - 4 process. I would welcome an approach to tackle the problem.

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You can sort the display to see who is using the cpu by opening the task manager and click on CPU it will swithc betwen ascending or descending order at every click
lerlhAuthor Commented:
Turned out to be a HP ML150 G2 processor bios problen when a UPS was attached to the serial port!!! Unplug the UPS and usage drops!
Good for you.
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