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MSN Messenger 7.0 cant sign in "too many unsuccessful attempts"


Wasn't really sure where to put this question so I've stuck it here. I am using XP and recently set up another hotmail account. Just after doing this the main one which uses my .net passport has been inaccessible due to "too many unsuccessful login attempts". I have tried a number of fixes but none have worked yet. I cant get into email or use Messenger. I cant change the password cos I cant remember the details I put into the initial sign up. But I can use the new hotmail for Messenger and email?!?! This problem begun on Msngr 6.2 and I tried to get past it by installing 7 but that hasn't worked. Thanks in advance for your help

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1 Solution
Check your firewall, maybe it won't let msnm access the network..
rjt76Author Commented:
Thanks but it cant be the firewall because the I can sign in to MSN using the other login I have
log on to ninemsn manually rjt76 , http://ninemsn.com.au/

this will re-activate your cookies, it may ask you for your details first then once your logged on, open the msn icon on the toolbar db click it, set it to auto logon, rightclick it if you have a choice who to log on as.
It is recomended to logon to ninemsn occasionally to activate your cookies. You can also remove any old cookies.
Are you using the beta version of msn7?

These may help you too..
Most Frequently Asked Questions

How to disable windows messenger from running
you can also disable its services from control panel administrative tools services..
Good Luck M

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rjt76Author Commented:
thanks, but unfortunately I get the exact same problem here, I stil cannot get in. I'm using v7.0.0077 of msn. All windows updates are current but I'm using SP1 not sp2. Could it be that I've been hacked and they've changed my password?

may help too..
if I remember correctly when you first filled out your details you may have added a special question incase you lost your password.

resetting my password
If your successful try this, lol oh the typing..
keep the page open of your details then press the button PrtScr print then open paint paste it as a image, go to file top left and save as jpeg then save it to a destination.. you now have a saved image of your details.

Control Panel, User Accounts, click on your own account, select "Manage my network passwords". this will take you to a window which will ask you if you want to edit this and then will ask you do you want to log onto .net passport site. You have to be online.

I havent tried this but if all else fails, lets hope not, Mail PassView is a small password-recovery tool that reveals the passwords and other account details
not necessarily rjt76  check your IE and delete all the cookies be aware that you will have to manually login to every site you have a logon to .. have you run any spyware and antivirus checkers just to make sure.

I know there is hackers out there and this is a problem area.
However you are successfully using  this new account?
You could delete all your .net passport  passwords from "Manage my network passwords".   and start again, but if I understand you ,you want to get back to your old emails from the old account??
Did you remove the previous version you had?

rjt76Author Commented:
thanks Merete, I got in and changed the password and msngr works just fine now, weird little bug or something it must have been or just crappy microsoft....but thanks for your help and enjoy your points:)

awe awsome to hear rjt76, does give me joy to help out,  I use msn as well lol.
 do save your password and details somewhere, and thank you
Cheers M
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