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Access 2000 Overlay control on top of subform

I guess we're all pretty familiar with stacking controls on forms to acheive certain effects by hiding certain controls etc.

My boss wants me to overlay a textbox or lable over a (continuous forms) subform so that under certain conditions the control overlays the subform indicating that the form is locked. (although I want to keep the subform visible so the data can still be seen)

Imagine my surprise when after placing a text box 'over' a subform, it stubbornly refuses to 'bring to front' and the subform won't go to back either

I guess subforms are a special case, but i would be interested if anyone has got any ideas or workarounds ...

I can implement an alternative solution, but it would be neat if something approaching the ideal could be done

2 Solutions
You can't move a subform to the back.
Why not just change the background color/picture of the subform?

Good Luck!

Expanding on Gary's suggestion:

Create an image file that says LOCKED!"   (example: locked.bmp)
If locked Then
      Me.Picture = "C:\My Folder\locked.bmp)
      Me.Picture = ""
End If

You can make the background of all the control transparent to better read the "LOCKED!"
NatchiketAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, in the end I just decided to have some text in a box above the subform, I'll condsider an image file solution if my boss still has issues.

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