Page Footer section conditional suppression problem.

Hi Experts,

I have a text object which I put on the Page Footer. The Page Footer height is about 1/2 in.
Somewhere in the report, I have a formula that will set a variable to numeric value 1 depending on a specified
Initially, this numeric variable is set to 0. When this variable's value is set to 1, I wanted to suppress
this Page Footer section.
The detail section is printing on multi-column (4 columns actually) format is down then across.

Previously, I have set this Page Footer section to hide (suppress) and previewing the report will
show that all data will fit on a single page.

When I did the things I mentioned above, I noticed that when the Page Footer section is conditionally
suppressed (because the numeric variable is set to 1), few lines on the detail section is displaying
on page 2. It should be on one page only and that the suppress Page Footer section spaces should be occupied
by the rest of the detail lines to make it a one-page report.

It seems that conditionally suppressing a Page Footer section, the allocated space (1/2 in) will still be
there and will not give way for the rest of the detail section's like being constantly allocated.

I want that the detail lines will only spill over to the next page in the event the numeric variable is
set to 0 and if 1, all should fit on 1 page only. Right now, it's not doing this.

There is any settings, I need to do?
Please advice possible solution(s) to this problem
The report will display a border of 1/2 in on all sides...this is a constant. The Page Footer section is inside
the buttom border.

I'm using crystal reports 8.5 without any service packs installed and MSSQL 2000 server.

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Hi yorge,

Kindly verify the link below:
This might point you to the right direction.


Hi yorge

I think you've uncovered one of crystals little bugs here. I'm using CR10 and the effect is the same when I use a conditional suppression.

I've tried different variations of settings and moving margins and haven't managed to find an easy workaround.

One thought I had that may work, and this depends on where you set the value of your variable to determine that you want the records on 1 page only. If the variable is set in a group or page header section then you could use this value to reduce the font size of each field

Format Field -> Font Tab -> (x-2) font

if  "var value here" = 0 then 10 else 9

you will need to set the default to the smallest and set the fields to can grow.



One idea since you have a single textbox in the footer is to make it as "short" as possible and make the page footer also as short as possible.  Then set the CAN GROW property for the text box.

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