delphi working with 2 webcams at once

I am using the JLCVideo for acquiring images from a webcam. It works perfectly with 1 webcam.
If I add a second webcam, only one component shows the picture. If I do it within an MDI, the 2 forms shows different pictures (which is good) but only ONE captures the pictures to the disk.
If I use 2 webcams in 2 different programs, it works perfectly.
I want to use the 2 webcams in 1 program (it can be MDI or SDI): any idea on how to do it ?
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From what i can gather the component you are using uses the windows multimedia system.

What this means is that the component sends a call to the MMSystem api sending a handle as a parameter. This means that the component sends a variable to the api, wich in this case has the sme name for all the components. I think that is why only the one can save images to disk.

Why not try video cap component using DirectX Direct show?

I have a Motion detection application selling on the web wich uses Direct X and it works fine with as many cams as you can get.

Hope It Helps
yarekAuthor Commented:
PS. I am working with JLCVideo.pas which can be found at
I used many cams in one app with DSPack -
each camera module was it's own datamodule having it's own filtergraph and sources
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