Package windows application problem.

I have just completed a windows application in When I try to create a installer for distrubution using Setup Wizard (from Setup and deployment projects), I got this error:

'shdocvw.dll' should be excluded because its source file 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\shdocvw.dll' is under Windows System File Protection.

How can I fix it? Please help me!

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boy8964Author Commented:
when i excluded shdocvw.dll file, it buils. But the installer cannot be starte., the error message says "the folder path '.' contains invalid character. what is goin on?
In one of your paths, you have '.' specified as a path, which might've been done accidently or, if you had any files referred to your shdocvw.dll, it would happen after you excluded that dll file. Just go to your file system and check properties of the files, shortcuts, and icons specified.

boy8964Author Commented:
I only include the .exe file in the "Application Folder" and the .exe file doesn't contains any '.' as a path. what is really going on? please help!
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